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EDP input/output discrepancy...

Is it normal to have to keep the Mix knob on the EDP at about one o'clock 
keep the input level and output level equal?  I know when you overdub the
EDP cuts the signal by about 10% to prevent clipping, but I'm not
overdubbing.  Does it do this on the initial creation of the loop as well?
Volume of the unit is set to 127, via MIDI.  Feedback is 100%, via MIDI as

Also, check out this WAV file graphic.
http://www.neoprimitive.net/jlucas/tmp/wave.jpg  This is from the output of
the EDP.  The first half is the input signal (distorted electric bass) 
recorded, and the second half is the EDP's version of it.  It's almost an
identical replica, but inverted.  Is this normal?  And, if so, why?


P.S.  My server has been intermittent lately, so I hope it's up if/when you
decide to check the graphic out.