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Video Performances and VISUAL IMPROVISATION SYMPOSIUM 5.4.03Cambridge, MA

Hi folks,

I'll be taking part in what looks to be an impressive event devoted 
to visual improvisation. There will be talks and panel discussion in 
the afternoon, and performances in the evening. It will be my great 
pleasure to perform with  James Coleman, theremin and Joe Monteiro, 
percussion -- working with James has always been a special treat, and 
I'm looking forward to my first set with Joe.

Hannum Hall, YWCA of Cambridge
7 Temple Street ( next to Art Interactive )
Sun May 4th 2pm - 9pm
Visual music, instruments, improvisation, theory and performance.

2:00 pm - George Fifield (keynote) - cyberarts
2:15 pm -Teresa Marrin Nakra - history of visual music
2:45 pm - Dennis Miller - Combining Music and Images in Time-based Work
3:15 pm - Carol Goss - Not Still Art
3:45 pm - Benton-C Bainbridge - Try This At Home: Analog A/V Synthesis

4:15 pm - Dana Moser (chair), Benton-C Bainbridge, Carol Goss, Dennis
Miller, Teresa Marrin Nakra, Steina Vasulka

5:00 pm -
Vis a Vis - Dennis Miller
New work - Carol Goss
Trilogy - Mash
dissidence - skfl
Selections - Peter Johnson

7:00 pm - DrT, video with James Coleman, theremin and Joe Monteiro,
7:30 pm - DJ Flack, laptop video & sound
7:45 pm - BopAnts, improvised sound and video
8:15 pm - Steina Vasulka, Violin Power
8:30 pm - Benton-C Bainbridge, solo video & sound improv
9:00 pm - Jason Lescalleet, tapeloops, with Benton Bainbridge and Walter
Wright, video

A Boston Cyberarts event.