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No Whining T-shirt and other L.D. considerations

This is a fun inside joke guys but
we really need to take this community and these
ways of making music to the outside world.

the t-shirts are worn proudly at festivals and tours
(all over Europe and the British Isles this summer,  yeah!!!)
and I strongly advise that we not increase the costs of the shirts
just to put an 'in' joke on the t-shirt that nobody but
people who have been reading the postings this week will even get.

hows that for grumpy................LOL

By the way,  if anyone is privy to just how hard Kim has worked to make 
site available to us and how much money he has put into it out of his own
they will be very forgiving when he gets a little spiny.

I personally vote for letting him administer this site the way he wants to.

I will even, controversially, suggest that we might consider making this a
pay site.  Considering the pleasure, knowledge, opportunities (hell, I
booked my entire summer tour through this list) that L.D. provides, it 
totally be worth it
for me to pay for a subscription to it (and I probably make a quarter of
what most people make on this website being a self employed wierd, 'fall
between the classification cracks' artist.  Kim, of course might not even 
into this idea, but I think we should consider it to keep this wonderful
place alive.   God forbid that Kim should make up some of his financial
losses or even, dare I say it,  make a little money from all of his hard

  I would hate to loose this communal center because poor Kim gets burnt 
on doing it.   I love Loopers Delight.  It is the first e-mail I read
everytime I log on.

rick walker