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RE: Looping percussionists

Word.  Tonight I managed to get a 9/4 percussion loop going while synched 
a 4/4 pattern and listening to the click.  In front of people.  I even had
no intention of doing this, nor any idea how it happened, but there it was.
Just keep smiling.

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> Another thing - after being a part of several looping festivals and
> performances I have noticed one common theme.  Many
> performers at some point
> make some mistake, and apologize to the audience for it - or
> even stop the
> song and start over.  Nobody even knew they made a mistake, until the
> apology.  If you assume you did it on purpose, so will
> everyone else.  If
> you make a lumpy loop - you did it on purpose and let
> everyone marvel in
> this new odd-time signature they never knew existed -smile-
> Jon