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Re: free-improv situations


I've done tons and tons of live free improv looping gigs both solo and as 
part of groups.

I only have one real piece of advice for free improv (loop-based or 
otherwise), LISTEN.  It is the most insanely important thing for an 
improvising musician.  The second most important thing is if you play in a 
group, make sure everyone else listens also.  There is nothing sadder than 
four musicians going in four directions ignoring each other.  There is 
nothing more interesting that the interplay of a group of musicians who 
are listening to each other and working together.  Listening is important 
even when you are playing solo.  Especially with looping where you can sit 
back a bit more.  My big problem early on is that I was always inpatient 
and trying to move things along.  When I learned to sit back and let 
things grow on their own, even if it meant I sat doing nothing for a few 
seconds, my performances got much better and were much better received.


>Hi folks!
>Since i know some of you are into live improv.,
>how do you deal with improvisation
>if you are the member of the group and not a solo performer?
>I remember a funny tale i'd read in some Cage book when he refused to 
>lead a
>free jazz band because all they played all the time with the same 
>seemed not to like free improv. saying the subconscious will led your 
>Though in another writting (which i don't remember where) he said he'd 
>interesting way to deal with it. May anybody point me to the original 

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