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Re: Lawson versus LaFosse Caged Death Match

Clowns and dancing?  Perhaps we have missed the point.  Mr LaFosse's much 
heralded flashy footwork is easily on par with the celebrated choreography 
of Jagger, Steven Tyler, or even Beck...and much better than most hip-hop 
MCs.  It is most likely due to his late 70s disco influences (I strongly 
suggest a re-listen to Andre's wicked, glitch-laden remake of "Ring My 

As for Steve, I was always very curious as to the influence of his 
  Last week my two year old daughter enlightened upon this issue.  As she 
sat watching Sesame Street, she suddenly yelled out, "Look Daddy...Steve 
Lawson!".  I turned to the TV set, and lo and behold, there, in glorious 
color, was Cookie Monster wearing Steve's jacket.

So how does this all tie into looping?  Well, as an experiment I dug out 
own furry jacket ( a leftover from a Halloween party I attended as Phyllis 
Diller), put it on and commenced looping.  To my amazement, the loops were 
richer, more dynamic, and seamless.  I rose from my stool and started 
shuffling around in an ersatz-LaFosse movement....the sonic tapestries 
to unfold before my ears!  My JamMan even developed an undo function!

I recently contacted Line6 about the possibilty of developing a Dance 
Modeler which could be plugged into the DL4's expression pedal jack.  They 
seemed interested, but balked a bit at MIDI control of the choreography.


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