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Re: Admin query

Yes, it's a sensible request, but the one person who could change a
simple listserv configuration file thinks doing so is unhip and enables
morons. After all, Yahoo does this, and we all know that the unwashed
have ruined the internet by trying to make it too EASY.

Really it's the only thing I don't like about this list. The signal to
noise ratio is fairly low, people are generally kind and helpful, trolls
are shown the door fairly quickly, and there is lots of information
passed around about all things looping related.

I know fully well how to use mail filters and do use them for some
purposes, but I prefer for all of my music related e-mail to go to my
inbox. As my account gets more and more spam e-mails that have subject
lines that resemble some of the subject lines for this list it becomes
increasingly difficult to sort out threads.

So thank you for bringing this up. You shouldn't have to appologize for
revisiting old ground here when it is a persistant problem that annoys
more than a few subscribers.


Paul Marshall wrote:
> Hi Loopers
> I am regularly unsubscribed by the from the list because I bounce mails 
> I believe to be spam. I use a prog called Mailwasher.  I receive maybe 
> spam messages a day and I check them at the server to accept or bounce.
> Usually I can tell which are LD posts because it says so in the TO 
> However when there is a post where LD is in the CC or one of a list of
> recipients then it displays an unrecognisable e-mail addy and I bounce it
> believing it to be someone wanting to enlarge my breasts or something :).
> I scan my mails carefully before deleting but the volume of traffic, the
> variety of subject headers and number of subscribers here means that 
> can and do get deleted in error.  I was unsubscribed again tonight when I
> bounced the post from Jeff Lomas with the Subject of 'Accidental 
> tomorrow' where LD was part of a list of addressees.  Mailwasher showed 
> first addressee only and I bounced it. I don't want to have to open every
> mail to check obviously.
> Ok so I know this is a limitation of Mailwasher but is anyone else having
> this difficulty.  All of the other fora I participate in to varying 
> have some sort of a header to identify [Loopers-delight] kind of thing.  
> understand that this isn't a yahoo group and different approaches apply.
> Anyone have a workaround or a best way?
> I'm still ruminating on the percussionist loopers thread, thanks to all 
> the replies, I'll post again tomorrow.  Love the forum guys.  Cheers.
> Thanks Kim
> Paul
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