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Re: Tubes versus Modeling Caged Death Match

At 11:40 PM 4/27/2003, Mark Sottilaro wrote:
>I said this a while ago and a friend of mine started quoting it in her
>signature file and I thought it might shed some light on this subject:
>"You can't simulate dressing like a clown. It's a do or not do thing.
>If you're wearing a clown suit, you're a clown."

...but you can 'simulate' being a clown by dressing like one, which I think
is a more analogous analogy <grin> than the simulating dressing like a
clown. Dressing like something is in and of itself a simulation. being
something isn't.

Valve technology is what it is, whereas the modeled version is dressed like
it - you can't simulate being valves, you can simulate sounding like them -
whether you can simulate it well enough is a matter of taste and eric
johnson's ears... ;o)

For my money, I still prefer to hear the real thing is almost every
situation, but I guess starting this thing off it the first place, Bill's
tone proves that valves=good modeling=bad is a clumsy way round... Bill
manages to make his POD sound as good as many many guys that I've heard
using top notch all valve widgets...

...and I'll second whoever it was who was digging Andre's Boogie-tone -
coupled with his boogie-dance, it's a show-stopper... ;o)

love and boogie-nights to all