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Looping percussionists

Hey loopers

I was listening to DG's 'red rose' track and enjoying it tremendously, one
problem, it's too short!!

That started me thinking *again* that I should ask on the group if there is
anyone here who is a looping percussionist.  There seem to be lots of
guitar/bass players doing lots of great stuff, Stuart's violin material is
great IMO and Rick is completely off the wall, most excellent! but I hanker
after rhythmic playfulness, free from the rigours of melody and harmony 
what a load of pretentious crap :)

Is there anyone who doesn't play tuned instruments for loops, or who has
done so, I'm not looking to steal ideas :) just to see what is being done
with percussive live looping.  In my own practises I've found it relatively
easy to build up a big samba or other parts-based piece, I've also enjoyed
messing around with voice and just whatever instruments or noises I have to
hand.  I haven't really heard any percussionists' takes on this so I'm
interested to hear what approach anyone else is taking, I'm happy to share
from my brief experiences to date if that is any use.

I only have a DL-4 but I have found it very workable as long as you're
accurate on the initial recording pass and I love those delays, almost more
fun than looping and it sure keeps your timing tight which is a good thing
in my business.

Cheers to all and thanks

Paul Marshall
Portfolio Sound Artist
NI Facilitator for the Da Capo Foundation
Drumdojo Recommended Reading For April 2003  - Indigenous Irish Percussion
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Sent: Sunday, April 27, 2003 7:32 PM
Subject: Little Whales update: I Gave My Dead Love a Red Rose

> Here's the latest from the "Little Whales" loop project. The title is "I
> Gave My Dead Love a Red Rose." Comments welcome.
> http://littlewhales.thedivided.com/
> The base loop was played with my Parker NiteFly and Koll Thunder Glide
> bass. Effects used were 2 SIB Varidrive overdrives, a George Dennis
> volume pedal, a Mooger Fooger Ring Modulator, and a big reverb on an
> Alesis Quadraverb. The loop was made on a Line 6 DL4. The steel guitar
> was improvised live on top of the loop.
> D.G.