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Re: EDP simultaneous commands...

At 12:27 AM 4/28/2003, Jesse Ray Lucas wrote:
>Can the EDP receive more than one command at a time?  For instance, via 
>DirectMIDI triggered by sequencer, Mute (Quantize=OFF) and StartPoint at 
>the same time?

yes, that should work fine. (didn't bother to try it myself this time, I'd 
rather enjoy this wonderful MacAllan that Hans gave me at loopstock. 
again Hans!)

midi commands don't really come "at the same time". They will come in 
series, so the mute will come first, then the startpoint command. It will 
be fast enough to seem like they are at the same time. The Echoplex is 
quick enough to do them both more or less immediately. constructing custom 
commands this way is a great Echoplex technique. In a sequencer it is 
natural, but you can also do it with a good midi controller that lets you 
string together multiple commands with one button. (like the digitech 
pmc-10, for example)


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