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RE: EDP simultaneous commands...

> At 01:09 AM 4/28/2003, Per Boysen wrote:
> >However I couldn't keep this set-up as the EDP can only remember 15 
> >programs and I would rather use all those program for being able to 
> >play in different time signatures with the EDP "quantised insert 
> >replace" function. I set the EDP programs up for 4/4, 5/4 
> and 6/4 but I 
> >would like to use many more programs. A strong wish for 
> future upgrades 
> >(LOOP5
> >?) is the ability to store many more programs in the EDP.
> check out the EDPDA that Dennis Leas has developed. Using an 
> old PalmPilot 
> that you can get for $30, it lets you easily store far more 
> presets and 
> load them into the echoplex just as quickly as the internal 
> presets. It's a 
> really great utility. I'm not sure if he has actually 
> released it yet, but 
> he showed it at Loopstock. his website is 
> http://www.greenteasoftware.com
> kim

Thank you. That sounds very interesting! But I couldn't find anything on
EDPDA at the site. Right now only the "Looper Construction Kit" is
displayed. So I guess the EDPDA isn't released yet then. 

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen