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RE: EDP simultaneous commands...

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From: Jesse Ray Lucas [mailto:jlucas@neoprimitive.net] 

>  Can the EDP receive more than one command at a time?  For instance,
via DirectMIDI triggered by 
>  sequencer, Mute (Quantize=OFF) and StartPoint at the same time?  

Well, since midi is a serial language any bunch of midi commands sent to
the EDP will arrive one after the other. But that wasn't a good answer
;-)  I have not tried exactly what you are talking about, but fact is I
experimented with multiple commands by programming my FCB1010 pedal to
send (1) the midi command for HalfSpeed together with (2) the midi
command for changing program (yes, I'm on LOOP4) and this was working
like a charm! I did this because I use the EDP as the master (slaving a
Repeater to it) and would like to find a way to bring down the EDP at
Halfspeed without the Repeater going down to half the tempo. 

However I couldn't keep this set-up as the EDP can only remember 15
programs and I would rather use all those program for being able to play
in different time signatures with the EDP "quantised insert replace"
function. I set the EDP programs up for 4/4, 5/4 and 6/4 but I would
like to use many more programs. A strong wish for future upgrades (LOOP5
?) is the ability to store many more programs in the EDP. The EDP is
such a powerful looper that no front plate or foot controller in the
world could display all possibilities at the same time. So the only way
for utilizing all that power in a live situation is to create your own
custom programs.

Best wishes

Per Boysen