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Re: Using midi to control tempo on EDP

>Hi Kim,
>ok, according the LoopIV upgrade manual about TempoSelect, the tempo 
>can be fine tuned with the insert and mute buttons.  In order to 
>facilitate the use of these two buttons, could these buttons be 
>mapped to a couple of buttons on a pedal?  Aren't these two buttons 
>essentially acting as what the manual calls a "DataWheel"?  Can the 
>DataWheel be controlled by a midi continuous controller that is able 
>to automatically increment or decrement just by holding the button 
>rather than pressing it multiple times?

this fine tune function has been created in the last few days before 
releasing, so its not realy ripe, just better than nothing :-)
No, the "DataWheel" is the the Feedback knob for coarse regulation.
It originally had the same CC as Feedback but then we thought this 
was confusing and left it without MIDI control.

>Also, how does Overdub work while in SyncRecord mode?  From my 
>understanding of the manual, once the tempo has been selected, the 
>beginning and ending points of the loop/cycle are already defined.

No, only after you do a Record, which can be over several cycles.

>Can drones be recorded in predefined lengths using this method and 
>should Overdub be used in these cases to create a smooth drone?

Just like without sync, you:
- press Record
- fade the note in
- (after a while) press Overdub
- (after a while) fade the note out
- press Overdub
>On Monday, April 14, 2003, at 12:08PM, Kim Flint 
><kflint@loopers-delight.com> wrote:
>>At 09:55 AM 4/12/2003, Steve Ginn wrote:
>>>I am wondering if this is possible ...
>>>I would like to program my footpedal to have some base starting tempos 
>>>the EDP (IV) and then have two pedals programmed that could
>>>increment/decrement in +-1 or +-5 bpm values to adjust the tempo in real
>>In LoopIV you can set tempos in advance of recording a loop using the
>>TempoSelect feature. These tempos can then be saved in a preset. In this
>>way, you can recall a predefined tempo by simply sending a midi program
>>change command to select that preset. (or select it from the front panel
>>while in reset.)
>>Once you have a tempo set, you can also fine tune it in the TempoSelect
>>mode. Check the LoopIV manual for details.


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