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Re: Pedal Response with Echoplex Digital Pro using "In" Loop Mode

At 12:33 PM 4/24/2003, Clayton Gary Lehmann wrote:
>I bought a Boss FV-50L pedal to use with my EDP.  Haven't used it much as 
>use MIDI to control my loops--but then I discovered the "In" mode and 
>it--but I find that the response curve isn't right in this mode.

"isn't right" I suppose is a subjective thing. The pedal is directly 
controlling the input volume into the loop in the "In" mode. I suppose if 
the pedal doesn't offer a feel that you like, you should try a different 

>funny is that the curve is fine in the Loop Mode

In Loop Mode the pedal controls the feedback, which is completely 
from loop input volume in "In" mode. How is it that you are comparing them?

I just did a listening test, comparing how much the audio levels changed 
different regions of the pedal to how much the feedback audibly changed in 
different regions, and it seemed to me the relative changes were about the 
same. It's sort of an apples to oranges comparison though, so it's hard to 

>--shows the right response
>on the display--but there isn't a display in most of the other modes, and 
>can tell by listening that the input is only really happening at the end 
>the throw of the 50L.

Can you tell by listening where the feedback happens? A small change in 
feedback is a more noticeable thing than a small change in volume, since 
gets multiplied over the repetitions.

by the way, there is no display for the pedal controlled volume during In 
and Out modes because in those cases the pedal is operating as an analog 
volume pedal, and there is no digital control. Therefore, there is not 
in the digital realm to display. We found that the digital volume control 
just wasn't very smooth, so we did it in analog where it sounded a lot 

>What gives?

It sounds to me like you just don't like the feel of that pedal, and you 
might want to try a different one.


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