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Re: pedaling volume

gear for sale here, gear for sale...spend all yer 
money...step right up...gear quality is more important than practicing 
scales...step right up and don't you be shy!


(couldn't help m'self...I'm a gear geek too. just thought I'd
play around a bit. although practicing does tend, for me, to 
slip when i'm busier routing cables.)

Types of Music: I'd like to blather about this a bit. Music is 
the only thing that is going to save us from the mind-suck
planetization process that is striping people of their ability
to judge quality. Independent music that is, not
the comercial pabulum that is tube fed to our youth. We have 
a duty to use our art and our tools to remind people that music
is an artform, not a browser option. We have to sweep clear the
chemical and electromagnetic noise that is permeating our consciousness.

We do this through disliterate musical definitions. When
choosing what "type" of music my mp3s were to be called on 
mp3.com, I was frustrated to have them
pigeon holed. They're not "ambient" any more than they are
"abstract." They are explorations of the ether guided by my
flabergasted muse, joyful to be together. That's my type.