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Here's a tune called Mallorn (Re:Types of music)...

This is the first of my sequence+EDP tunes.  The fretless bass is all live,
input into the EDP the first time you hear each of the sections.  Then the
sequencer triggers the loops when they make their appearances later,
allowing me to do other things (Rhodes, sample rate decimation, sample
triggering, etc.) in between.

The vocal sample that sounds somewhat like it's scratched on a turntable 
3:27, and 5:10) is performed live, using an option of the Yamaha A5000
sampler's pitchbend controller section called "Slow&Reverse."  The bottom
half of the pitch wheel's movement slows the sample down to stop at -4000,
and then begins to play the sample backwards from -4001 to -8000 (or
whatever the largest negative value of a pitchwheel control message is).

The drums were all programmed by hand in the piano roll view in Sonar (mail
me if you want the MIDI file for study), and the control functions for the
EDP were written as a MIDI track.  There is some sine wave bass around 20Hz
which may hurt your little PC speakers if you crank it too much.  Just 
out.  I'm no mastering engineer.

My server has been locking up lately, so if the download doesn't work now,
try it again in a few hours.


Hope you like.  This is what type of music I write.  I wasn't sure what to
call it in a response to that thread, or maybe I just wasn't willing to
label it.  But I'd be interested to hear what anyone/everyone else can
equate it to.  Tripe, garbage, filth, shite, compulsive twitch, aggro
electro rock, whatever.  :)