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Re: Repeater HELP ME PLEASE! !!!!!

<<could someone who has used the repeater tell me the following.
When using my EDP I am used to altering the feedback of the loop as its
playing, can u do this with the repeater?>>

     Yes, either with a MIDI board like the FCB1010, or by twiddling a 
knob after pressing a

<<Does the repeater user interface work in such a way as to allow you to
create 4 independent loops live without stopping playback. Can you then
reverse, fade, individual loops again without stopping anything, i.e. is it
like owning four independent loopers in sync.>>

     No, the loops are like looping a 4 track cassette tape.  The length 
of the loops is dependant
upon the first loop that is set.  Reverse applies to all or none.  Fading 
individual loops is very
easy as you have a dedicated fader for each track.

<<Does the repeater have an equivalent of the INSERT function of an EDP.>>

     I don't know what the EDP does for insert, though the Repeater does 
have an insert function
that allows punch in/out while recording as well as "replace" vs. 
"overdub" functions.

<<Does anyone have any opinions on whether it is better to have two EDPS or
one EDP and a Repeater???>>

     Two EDP's will give you two of the same thing.  If that's what you 
want, go for it.  Easier
learning curve.  One of each will give you a lot more variety as they are 
*very* different
machines.  One will not do what the other does easily.  The Repeater is 
extremely easy to figure
out and has a much more friendly UI.  There are a few small issues with 
the Repeater (that
personally plague me not at all) that you may want to look into.


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