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--GIG-news [Boston] where Boston Loopfest left off...--

Hey loopers:

I'm quite pleased to announce, beginning one week from

                Sonic Blender: A Looping Event

Sonic Blender picks up where Boston Loopfest, held at the
Zeitgeist in January, left off.

Six performances over two nights, with each act using evolving
electronic loops somewhere in their live performance.  Expect
this to be an exciting and moving musical exploration!

As you will see from the set lists below, some of the performers
are members of Loopers-Delight.

Performance Schedule:

April 29, 2003 [9p-midnight]

Jorrit Dijkstra
Tim Nelson

MC: tbd


April 30, 2003 [8p-midnight]

Micro Vard
Up, Down, and Strange

MC: WMBR's Ajda the Turkish Queen

For links to the individual performers' websites, with
sound files, &c, visit:


The Zeitgeist Gallery
1353 Cambridge Street
Inman Square, Cambridge, MA

Suggested Donation: $10.00
(no one will be turned away for lack of funds)

The talent on this bill is colossal!  Please join us
for what promises to be an evening of diverse and
exciting music which has come together under the common
theme of the loop.

[brought to you by the Council for Sonic Decadence]

-peter koniuto

Creative Recordist - Composer
Red Sun Soundroom
Somerville, MA

857-257-6037 (ph)
617-790-0380 (fax)