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Re: Volume pedals

Goddess wrote:
>   *laughing*   -Am I the only one who doesn't give a load of dingo's
> kidneys what type of volume pedal I use?!

If you (in the general sense) don't care about true-bypass on all of 
your effects pedals, then your signal is probably so degraded that a 
passive volume pedal SUCKING out your tone probably won't be noticed.

If, on the other hand, you are obsessed with pristine tone, then all of 
your effects pedals will be true-bypass, and you'll use an optical 
volume pedal, or a volume pedal with built-in active buffering to drive 
long cables. And you'll use ONLY Georgle L's cabling.

I suggest the Morley PVO (http://www.morleypedals.com/dpvo.htm), or one 
of the George Dennis multi-function pedals 
(http://www.george-dennis.cz). I use the volume/tremelo and   it is the 
quietest vp I've owned yet, I can hear NO self-generated noise or hiss 
at all! Which is absolutely vital when layering deep loops.