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Re: Repeater HELP ME PLEASE! !!!!!

On Tuesday, April 22, 2003, at 02:33 PM, Geoff Smith wrote:

> You said yes below
>>> Does the repeater have an equivalent of the INSERT function of an 
>>> EDP.
>> Yes.
> Does this insert function work by overwriting a piece of material in 
> the
> loop (think Andre Lafosse glitch music)

        It replaces the material.
        That is you can replace (Insert) new material over already 
        This does not extend the loop length.

> or does it work by extending the
> loop? Can it be controlled on the fly? i.e. so you can control it at 
> will
> from a programmable midi footswitch.
> I would buy a second EDP if I could find one for the same price I paid 
> three
> years ago i.e. 420 but now they are 899 which is totally beyond my 
> budget.
> Its kind of bizarre trend how quality loopers seem to go up and up in 
> value.
> Cheers
> Geoff