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Re: [Paris Loopfest] I probably wont

Stuart said:

>I've been absent from the list, the net, life and music in general over 
>the past month or so. I had a series of computer problems which 
>resulted in me losing over 6 months of recordings... I've also had a 
>pile of personal problems (mostly financial) which has made me realise 
>that I need to get the hell out of Paris. The music scene here sucks... 
>that is unless you produce euro-pop rehashes of 70's hits. More and 
>more venues are now resorting to installing CD players, as the 
>beaurocracy in getting permission for live music is too much hassle, 
>and there is now a huge crackdown on 'illegal street performances'....

Sorry to hear that.  It's always tough to balance "somewhere with an 
audience for left-of-center art" with "somewhere cheap enough for artists 
to live  and have time to actually do art and not spend all their time 
making their rent at some dreary day job", and sadly, big cities aren't 
usually in that intersection.  I've seen quite a few friends head off to 
(usually) New York and find that their artistic income remained the same 
(or decreased) while their operating expenses went sharply up.

Keep at it though--you're on to something.