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Re: Repeater HELP ME PLEASE! !!!!!

Thankyou Michael 
I think you have clarified for me that the repeater probably isn't for me.
The trouble is the price of the EDP has gone up to such a point that buying
a second one at the moment seems out of my reach, although this may not be
the case if I investigate further and further and further......
Which leaves me once again trying to find a software solution for my
powerbook (which was obtained via grants). There is a french Max/msp
programmer that i have spoken to who is trying to create a max/msp patch to
emulate the edp but with multiply buffers so you can effectively re-mix the
different layers of your loop once its recorded. Hoping he comes up trumps.
Going to try to get my psp42 demo to work with max again.
Gonna try linux stuff on laptop too eventually, to see if that virtual EDP

on 22/4/03 10:08 pm, Michael LaMeyer at m.lameyer@verizon.net wrote:

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>> Subject: Repeater HELP ME PLEASE! !!!!!
>> Hi everyone
>> I have a EDP and am looking at buying a repeater or second EDP
>> Little bit desperate for time as I may have found one I can afford.
> Firstly, I'd recommend checking out the manual available online:
> http://www.electrixpro.com/support/manuals.html
>> could someone who has used the repeater tell me the following.
>> When using my EDP I am used to altering the feedback of the
>> loop as its
>> playing, can u do this with the repeater?
> You can only alter feedback while recording in Overdub mode.  If you Mute
> the input to the Repeater somehow (so no audio is being fed to it; you 
> to use a mixer or something before the Repeater's input to do this), 
> Overdub mode (or already be in it, easy to do, you could just leave this 
> or engage at whim with a push of a button or sending the appropriate 
>Midi CC
> or PC message from the controller of your choice), and then engage 
> then yes, you would be able to manipulate the feeback (for any and all
> tracks engaged for recording, but only tracks so engaged) while it was
> 'playing'.  You would effectively be recording nothing except the noise
> floor of the device on top of the existing material, but this approach 
> probably work, though not as cleanly as the EDP.  Haven't tried it 
> but now I will ... ;-)
>> Does the repeater user interface work in such a way as to allow you to
>> create 4 independent loops live without stopping playback.
>> Can you then
>> reverse, fade, individual loops again without stopping
>> anything, i.e. is it
>> like owning four independent loopers in sync.
> It's actually 4 'tracks' to 1 'loop'.  Many functions (pitch, pan, 
> fx send, record) can operate on a per track basis.  So you could fade 
> individual tracks.  Other functions (Reverse, play, loop length, etc.)
> affect all 4 tracks equally, by design.  It is NOT the equivalent of 4
> INDEPENDENT loopers in sync.  It's more of an interactive, real-time 
> or less with some things) 4-track recorder that loops.
>> Does the repeater have an equivalent of the INSERT function of an EDP.
> Not entirely, and not nearly as sophisticated.  You can turn Overdub off 
> engage Record, it will overwrite any already existing material on the
> selected track(s) with the input signal, but you cannot engage/disengage
> Record in a rapid fashion at all times.  Under certain circumstances, 
> may not engage or disengage immediately (due to having to rewrite memory
> when a loop was multiplied and new material was added, for example, the
> Repeater will need to 'write out' the remainder of the loop until it 
> back around again).  You could, however, control feedback with a pedal or
> (for more precise and extreme variances) footswitches in order to bring 
> Record Feedback level rapidly from one level to another.  Of course, this
> operates like normal feedback, after the output, so you wouldn't hear the
> changes until the loop came back around again.
>> Does anyone have any opinions on whether it is better to have
>> two EDPS or
>> one EDP and a Repeater???
> I would recommend the two EDP approach for your stated purposes.
> Specifically if:
> - you want a supported product ;-)
> - you don't want to learn a new product with a different looping 
> or don't have time to
> - you need/want another looper that explicitly supports features only in 
> The Repeater is an almost completely different device from the EDP.  I 
> it, I use it, you can do some things with it that you can't, or can't as
> easily, do on any other hardware looper.  I rather unhappy that it's not
> supported, and would not get another one for that reason (unless I 
>wanted to
> have a hot spare on hand).  If you want to play with a different looping
> paradigm, with it's own delights and troubles (and don't mind owning an
> unsupported product ;-), then sure.
>> the stress of trying to find a looper
>> cheers
>> Geoff
> ;-)