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Hi All,

For all of you lucky loopists who live in the Bay Area (and unfortunately
I don't happen to be one), I just randomly ran across an interesting
website < http://www.artsandmedia.net/expo/ > all about an 
upcoming "Arts" networking event:

    May 4, 2003, 11:00 am-6:00 pm
    Cellspace, 2050 Bryant St., San Francisco 
    No one turned away -- $2 suggested donation.

Apparently on May 4th there is some sort of gathering of "Arts
Organizations" all in one location so that creative artists and 
musicians can network and explore opportunities for organized
support and mutual advancement of various kinds. To quote 
their own blurb about it:

    "The Expo is a very low-cost community connection fair 
    bringing artists together with galleries, studios, arts-service 
    groups and the general public to create a space for education, 
    networking, sharing resources and cultivating music and the 
    arts from the grassroots up. This year more than 80 arts 
    and music organizations will attend, ready to meet and connect 
    with the community."

Sounds like a pretty hip thing to me. Maybe you may know about 
it already and perhaps it isn't as cool an opportunity as it seems
on the surface (to an outsider stuck elsewhere in the middle of
Nowhereville, USA). Anywho here's a "partial list of the exhibiting 

    "21 Grand Venue, ABADA Capoeira SF, ArtHouse, ArtNetwork, 
    ArtSF, ArtSpan, ARTworkSF, AXIS Dance, Bay Area Buzz, 
    Black Rock Arts Foundation , BorderZone Arts, Inc., Comedy 
    on the Square, Dandelion Dancetheater, Daniland Productions, 
    Dreams by Degrees, East Bay Youth Band, Event Magic, 
    FiftyCrows, FilmArts Foundation, FILTH Newspaper, gigslist.org, 
    Gilman Street Project, Grass Shack Events & Media, H.E.A.R, 
    Hip Hop Slam, Independent Arts & Media, Institute for Unpopular 
    Culture, Jazz In Flight, Kearny Street Workshop, KFJC 89.7, 
    KZSU 90.1, Little Kids Rock, ME\'D1.ATE Network, Mission Creek 
    Festival, Motogirl Productions, New College of CA, New Langton 
    Arts, Other Minds, Pacific Rim Sculpture Group, Patrick Simms 
    Studios, Performing Arts Wkshp, Planet Drum Foundation, 
    Propellent / Gooferman, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, 
    Renegade Productions, REsearch Publications, Rhythm & Motion 
    Dance Center, Rocket Words, San Francisco Media Archive, 
    Sanitary Fill AIR Program, SCRAP, SF Art Institute, SF Center 
    for the Book, Songs Inspired by Literature, Som\'ma Music 
    Ensemble, Soul Clap Records, SoundSafe, Southern Exposure, 
    SPARK/ KQED TV, Taking the Leap, The Art Explosion, The 
    Crucible, the DJ Project, The Field SF, The Foundation Center, 
    The Nocturnes Night Photo Website, Visual Aid, Watchword 
    Press, Women Environmental Artist Directory, YLEM: Artists 
    Using Science & Technology..."

Anywho, I thought it couldn't hurt to spread the word a little.
Too bad this sort of thing doesn't happen more elsewhere very 
often (if at all). For those lucky so-and-sos who happen to live 
within an hours driving distance of this thing it ought to be a 
no-brainer to be sure and try to attend (I would think).

Maybe someone on the list has been there before and has a better
idea of what it's about. Wanna pipe up and share?


tEd  kiLLiAn