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tools (4-track tape recorder looper...)

speaking of using your tools (as nemoguitar posted)-
i played around w/ my tascam porta 05 4-track tape recorder as a 
looper this past weekend and actually recorded a couple of things to 
my fostex mr8.

i basically had my whole rack setup feeding into the tascam, then the
tascam headphones out into my fostex mr8. the great thing is it sounded
pretty good. w/ the counter i could record a 20 sec tape loop, remove it
from 'record' and go to play and the loop would play and i could play w/
it or add my other looping things to it. i would add use stuff from my
dod d12 for other longish (up to 12 sec)loops and i even played w/ using
my old digitech dsp256xl for that short 1.5 sec loop--those got real 
kind of fun. it sort of reminded me of the 2 classic loop things i 
remember reading from dt (interactive recording sessions w/ myself-a 
and rfripps comments about his "frippertonics" is the best way he knew of
making a lot of noise (again a paraphrase), i certainly made a lot of noise
w/ the 20 sec tape loop and all my other loop tools, and it all recorded
to one track of my digital recorder. i then mixed down to my cd recorder, 
just be a few weeks til i finish filling that cd up. so who knows, 
it's probably
a lot of noise......my share for today....

>its getting close to a month and i have not set up my (boomerang 
>still just playing thru my electrix mo-fx>filter factory>warp 
>mo-fx has a 3300ms delay that you can loop, short yet sweet.....i had 
>thought that these boxes were just ok but after living exclusively with 
>for a bit i now find them very interesting.....i would be willing to play 
>show with just my guit and these boxes, you can created some real mayhem 
>them.....bottom line, if you have a bunch-o-boxes get to really learn
>them.....its not easy, my soul is crying out for my lovely rang all the 
>but it must wait.....soon i will have crazy things to feed my
>rang.....remember, hunger is the best spice.....michael