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Loopy CDs for sale at Guitar9 and CDbaby

Hi all,

Well, in trying to finance the next CD project I find I must try 
to find more ways to scratch a little money together. I'm down 
to the last dribbles and drabs of the "Flux Aeterna" CDs anyway. 
So, I sent most of 'em off to Guitar9.com, who also sell Andre 
LaFosse's fine CD (and who also gave me a very nice little review 
last June) and to CDbaby.com where Steve Lawson has his own
marvelous discs for sale. So the last of these things are now
NOT exclusively available ONLY from the label, pfMENTUM, or 
myself but procurable anytime from the fine folks at:



Please excuse my shameless hawking of wares in this space. But, 
these discs ARE very loopy (as probably am I, some would say). 
And, if there are any fans of extremely gnarly, strange, weird, silly, 
serious, languid, passionate, melodic, atonal, frenetic, clueless,
calculated, loopy and experimental improv guitar who are reading 
this message and have not checked it out before . . . this disc 
is for you . . . or not. Get 'em while they last. 

End of commercial plug.

Oh, And, I have a gig with "Doctor Bob" in Ventura, CA on April 26th.
And, a big "extravaganza" in Ashland, OR on May 24th. I'll post more
details later.

tEd  kiLLiAn