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Re: repeater mathematics

> ...non volitle memory and 99 loop storage limit.  (which is
> crazy considering how short the loops would be if you did 99 of them!)

Calculating with single-track loops (which is, after all, a thing most
EDP/Jamperson users had been quite happy with over the years) and a 256MB
card (which was the largest supported size the last time I checked), I get
something like 30 seconds per loop.     Rainer

     The last time I checked, Version 1.1 *always* supported a 512MB card. 
 It's the one I bought
and it works great (even in stereo).  This of course gives about 99 one 
minute loops, almost
enough to get the whiners complaining about not enough loop storage 
places.  I currently have 25%
of the card filled with random ideas, some of which I pull out and use in 
live settings.  Other
loops I use for guitar practice and keep them on the card.  



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