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Re: SwitchQuant parameter

> In the PDF version of the manual I'm reading
>  (http://www.randomsalt.com/find/howto/Echoplex_Manual.pdf ) there is no
>  reference that I am able to find to this setting.  Only "On", "Off", or
>  "Confirm".
>  Is it reasonable for me to think that cyc=on?

Yes, that's right.  Switches at the end of the cycle,
so the same as being Quantised.

I'd recommend starting  with SwitchQuant=Cnf,
and working with all the ways of going to another loop.
If you then decide need to access the next loop with just one press,
change SwitchQuant to Off or cyc, 
then check out the AutoRecord and LoopCopy params.

(it's worth mentioning that you're using Loop3 at this point,
or at least, I assume so because that's the loop3 manual you're reading )

SamplerStyle is also relevant here. When you
set SamplerStyle=Att you'll find that when you 
go to the next loop it always starts at the beginning of the loop.
Otherwise you always go back to a loop at thepoint you left it.
That's not documented in the manual.
(...and with Loop4 the 
same is available with SamplerStyle=StA )

Loop4 software has 3 more possible Switchquant values

andy butler