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Portland OR Gig Spam

My band Eleven Eyes is playing in Portland tomorrow night, at the 
Goodfoot Lounge, 2845 SE Stark, in case anyones interested. Here's 
the info:

April 16th 11Eyes (from Eugene)
DJ Tatertodd

Eugene trumpeter Tim McLaughlin brings his ensemble up from Eugene 
for their first Portland appearance. A six piece unit from Eugene, 
Oregon, Eleven Eyes combines horns, guitar, bass, drums, and 
turntables to create a sound fusing a multitude of genres and 
disciplines. Improvisational jazz, funk, hip-hop, afro-cuban, dub, 
and drum&bass intermingle to create the evolving Eleven Eyes sound.
DJ Tatertodd will sustain the beats this evening with his mix of 
trip-hop, hip-hop, soul, & funk.

Eleven Eyes:
Tim Mclaughlin: trumpet, EFX
Matt Calkins; saxes
Mike Pardew: guitar
Dave Trenkel: bass, keys
Steve Weems: drums
JD Monroe: turntables