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Sat 4/19 -- NODE at Zeitgeist --

Title: Sat 4/19 -- NODE at Zeitgeist --

Improvised music ensemble at Zeitgeist Gallery.  Anything could happen.

Saturday April 19th

Zeitgeist  1353 Cambridge St.  Inman Square Cambridge     617-876-6060


(Monika Heidemann at 8pm)

Will Buchanan          - drums  (Fishlung Trio, BopAnts)
Ken Field                 - alto sax, flute (Birdsongs of the Mesozoic,
                                             Revolutionary Snake Ensemble)
Steve MacLean         -guitar/kora, electronics (C Cutler, R Rudd,
                                                                           Dr. Nerve)
Dan Soltzberg          - bass, looping (ghost 7, Oranje)
Jed Speare              - laptop, concréte sounds (Mobius Artists Group)
Jonathan Wobesky   - trumpet. percussion (Reverend Glasseye)