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Re: one tip for looping w/ 4-track recorder (analog tape)

cool!...you can also adjust the length of the loop a little bit using
the pitch control, so if you record a repeating bit and get a flam at
the end, try speeding or slowing it a bit and recording it again.

Daryl Shaw

> i played around w/ my  (old tascam) 4 track  tape recorder
> this weekend and discovered one little tidbit for helping w/
> timing of 20 sec loop (current length of looping tape that i have
> to experiment with). i recorded a quick percussive bit. "zero'd"
> counter out and then checked to see how long the counter played
> until the loop started playing over. not sure why it took me so long
> to figure that one out (I'M SLOW I GUESS, DUH!!!). on my old tascam
> porta 05, the 20 sec of looping time almost corresponded w/ the
> counter, i think it was
> hitting between 20 and 21 counter marks when it started over again.
> oh well, just an fyi for those using 4-track tape recorders as
> loopers.
> s---