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Re: How to deal with bump in EDP

I agree with Matt.  I'm all for the constant drone from time to time, 
but I kind of feel using a looper to achieve it is kind of a waste.  
Why not just have some sort of synth tone and duct tape a key down?  
(if money is an issue you can get a $5 garage sale Casio and do great 
stuff with it, I swear)I used to play with a guy who did this with an 
old Moog and it worked great.  Using a volume pedal and (in the case of 
guitar) a Sustainiac or eBow you can create pretty seamless loops with 
the EDP, but it's almost impossible to have a perfect drone.  If 
anything, you're going to have tone overlap which is going to cause 
some phase stuff that has it's own overtone rhythm... which I think is 
very cool.  I'll even do some slight string bending or whammy bar stuff 
to detune parts to feature that effect.

Mark Sottilaro

On Monday, April 14, 2003, at 10:05 AM, matt davignon wrote:

> My advice would be to love and accept the bump. If you're embarrassed 
> about your loop interval time being too noticeable, create several 
> other bumps in the same loop so people won't know which one is the 
> real one.
> Steve said:
>> When I make drones using the EDP (Loop IV) most of the time, I get a 
>> little bump and I canít figure out the best way to deal with it.