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one tip for looping w/ 4-track recorder (analog tape)

i played around w/ my  (old tascam) 4 track  tape recorder
this weekend and discovered one little tidbit for helping w/
timing of 20 sec loop (current length of looping tape that i have
to experiment with). i recorded a quick percussive bit. "zero'd"
counter out and then checked to see how long the counter played
until the loop started playing over. not sure why it took me so long
to figure that one out (I'M SLOW I GUESS, DUH!!!). on my old tascam 
porta 05, the 20 sec of looping time almost corresponded w/ the 
counter, i think it was
hitting between 20 and 21 counter marks when it started over again.
oh well, just an fyi for those using 4-track tape recorders as