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Re: How to deal with bump in EDP

My advice would be to love and accept the bump. If you're embarrassed 
your loop interval time being too noticeable, create several other bumps 
the same loop so people won't know which one is the real one. Personally, 
love hearing the intervals of loops in music, especially if they don't 
specifically coincide with the music's rhythm.

Steve said:

>When I make drones using the EDP (Loop IV) most of the time, I get a 
>bump and I canít figure out the best way to deal with it.  I know that I 
>can go directly into Overdub to smooth things out, but then Feedback gets 
>set to 95% and the drone will eventually die ... Not a good thing for 
>particular song I am preparing for.  I know if hit start playing, hit 
>Record wait for a short while and then hit Record again, trying to keep 
>level as un-wavering as possible, I can almost create a seamless drone; 
>sometimes even if I seem to play correctly, I still get this little burst 
>of volume that creates a bump that is  definitely noticeable.  Anyone 
>any suggestions?

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