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Re: How to make bump free drones in EDP?

At 04:37 AM 4/14/2003, Steve Ginn wrote:
>Won t fading in like this create a drone that continually goes from soft 
>to loud?  I am needing to produce a drone that sounds like a sustained 
>note at a single volume level.  Maybe I am misunderstanding your 

the point is to overlap the sustained parts of the sound by overdubbing it 
a few times. the volume control is for smoothing out the attack so you 
don't notice it at all after the loop is recorded.

>I know several individuals have suggested using overdub in some form or 
>another.  The problem with overdub, even if you stop the recording and 
>immediately hit overdub again to take it out of overdub, is that it sets 
>feedback (according to the manual) to 95%, and as the song progresses, 
>drone gets softer until it eventually fades out.

no, overdub only reduces the feedback while overdub is on, to reduce the 
likelihood of overloading the loop. More precisely, overdub only reduces 
the feedback while overdub is on and you are actually playing something 
into the loop.

where in the manual do you see it saying otherwise?


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