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Re: How to make bump free drones in EDP?

on 4/14/03 4:37 AM, Steve Ginn at sginn@mac.com wrote:

> I know several individuals have suggested using overdub in some form or
> another.  The problem with overdub, even if you stop the recording and
> immediately hit overdub again to take it out of overdub, is that it sets
> feedback (according to the manual) to 95%, and as the song progresses, 
> drone gets softer until it eventually fades out.  The only way I have
> successfully produced a drone that stays at a single volume level is to 
> record to end the recording with a single pass.

If you exit overdub, it goes to whatever it's play mode overdub setting is.

For what you are doing, you could just crank the knob all the way up and
probably be fine. If you like to have overdub set lower while evolving
things, I recommend using Expert mode without a feedback footpedal.

I've been pretty successful generating seamless loops (though generally not
of pure drones) using the record-overdub-exit overdub approach and there
isn't a problem with them fading away after exiting overdub if I haven't
been sloppy about feedback settings somewhere (footpedals being the usual
cause for that).