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Re: How to make bump free drones in EDP?

At 07:39 PM 4/13/2003, Steve Ginn wrote:
>When I make drones using the EDP (Loop IV) most of the time, I get a 
>little bump and I can t figure out the best way to deal with it.  I know 
>that I can go directly into Overdub to smooth things out, but then 
>Feedback gets set to 95% and the drone will eventually die ... Not a good 
>thing for this particular song I am preparing for.

turn overdub off after you are done creating the loop.

>I know if hit start playing, hit Record wait for a short while and then 
>hit Record again, trying to keep my level as un-wavering as possible, I 
>can almost create a seamless drone; but sometimes even if I seem to play 
>correctly, I still get this little burst of volume that creates a bump 
>that is  definitely noticeable.  Anyone have any suggestions?

go directly into overdub from the record to overlap the sounds, and use a 
volume control to ramp in and out of the sound so you don't have any 
or release sound.

also, please don't post in html.


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