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Re: Recording threashold and next loop autorecord

> I have an edp with loop4.
>  I notice that when next loop is set to autorecord it ignores the =
>  threshold setting, is there any way around this ?
>  I wanted the threshold to be active as i often want one of the loops to 
>  have 'faded in' chords and i cant move feet quick enough to get from 
>the =
>  efc-7 to the volume pedal !
>  Does anyone have any workarounds for this problem ??

So Threshold only works when you go to Record from Reset (Matthias??),
that seems quite reasonable for keeping the flow of the music.  

Won't there be a problem using Threshold anyway, because you'll
lose the start of the fade in and get some kind of an attack?

1) get yourself a chair
2) compensate for the extra delay by finishing the record early with 
then if you need to set the loop start point do a 1 cycle Multiply
3) use a MIDI footcontroller, and set up 2 presets with your fave
  settings, but one with Autorecord Off, and one On. you could then 
  program a Nextloop-with-autorec and a  Nextloop-without-autorec
4) various other ways of doing this by MIDI controller
5) the lateral thinking workaround.
Use SwitchQuant=Cnf, AutoRecord=Off.
6) If you can operate the FCB-7 with your heel on the ground
it's possible to have the other foot on the swell without falling over.

Don't think I ever used Threshold before today.
(but often trip over too many pedals)

andy butler