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Re: Repeater: Crash or unwitting trigger?

Zoe Keating writes:
>I've had this happen too (the sudden stereo track selection) and have 
>been mystified. It makes me feel a little better that others also suffer,
>but it scares me that no amount of practicing can fix these "errors". If I
>could learn more about what sequence leads to the errors, then maybe it
>would be possible to practice avoidance instead.
>Heck, I can understand that a device as complex as this might have bugs. 
>I sure do wish it would fail more gracefully!
>Love it, hate it, love it, hate it, love it...

If you can't make it do what you want every time with
appropriate technique and practice, then it's a flawed
instrument, like a clarinet reed that sometimes squeaks.

A failure is acceptable for improvised or mostly
improvised music -- for a scored work with multiple
players, it's a disaster.

I have to say that very few production instruments have
these issues.  I have a lot of synths and effects units
and I don't ever remember them crashing in an unexplainable
way.  I've rarely been able to repeatably crash instruments
or make them misbehave by throwing too much of quite the
wrong sort of data to them or having too many oscillators
doing too many things

but it's always been something where you could work through
and say "I'll send half as much information and see
if that happens" or "I need to have at least 5 seconds
between program changes".

grr.  that repeater.


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