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Re: Repeater: Crash or unwitting trigger?

Hmmm, I've never had this happen, though I think know what it is.  The 
Repeater does have a metronome and it seems like somehow the Repeater 
is either getting a midi message to start it, or misinterpreting a 
message from the FCB1010.  Could be either the Repeater or the FCB1010 
that's at fault.  Might even be a squirrely cable.

I guess I'd say reprogram that pedal command.  Couldn't hurt.  I've had 
the singer I work with accedently push the tempo lock button during a 
show.  Very bad.  The Repeater would do all sorts of weird stuff when 
she was using it, I could never figure out why.  I used the same 
Repeater hundreds of times with no problems at all, yet she seemed to 
manage to get it to do all sorts of things.  The main thing was she'd 
get it to refuse to sync to the correct MIDI clock.  It always seemed 
like it would show double the tempo that my Repeater was showing.  Both 
were getting tempo off the same midi splitter.  The weird thing is I 
can never get it to do it myself.  Live or at home.  Very frustrating.  
Good luck.

Mark Sottilaro