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Re: Repeater: Crash or unwitting trigger?

I've had this happen too (the sudden stereo track selection) and have 
been mystified. It makes me feel a little better that others also suffer,
but it scares me that no amount of practicing can fix these "errors". If I
could learn more about what sequence leads to the errors, then maybe it
would be possible to practice avoidance instead.

Heck, I can understand that a device as complex as this might have bugs. 
I sure do wish it would fail more gracefully!

Love it, hate it, love it, hate it, love it...

> i also have some sort of combination of patches that i
> use that always triggers the stereo track selection
> for 3 and 4, but i can't figure out what causes it,
> but it has happened on a few occassions.  i;ve checked
> and rechecked my paramaters and the only thing i can
> think is causing it is by doing certain combinations
> after doing others these problems will surface.  i'm
> not sure how repeaters are programmed, but there could
> be a variable or something that is never cleared out?