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Repeater: Crash or unwitting trigger?

I had a scary thing happen to me last night while performing with the
Repeater. Controlling the device with the Behringer FCB1010, I had built up
a multi-track loop. I hit a single patch that was set up to A) change the
pan settings on Tracks 2 & 4 , B) arm the left footpedal to control volume
on Tracks 1 & 2 and C) arm the right footpedal to control volume on Tracks 
& 4. I had used this patch twice before during different pieces in the same

This time when I hit the patch an INCREDIBLY LOUD ticking sound completely
obliterated what I was doing. It was at least 3 times as loud as the nice
cello loops I had going. It sounded ominously like the metronome. I hit 
immediately but the ticking kept on. In a mild panic, the only thing I 
think of to make it shut up was to turn off the Repeater. There being no
power button, I had to turn off the entire power-conditioner and all 
connected to it (note to self: isolate the Repeater!).

So, this morning I've tried to recreate this
Bug/Crash/Error/Unwitting-trigger and I can't seem to get it to happen! I
examined my Behringer programming to make sure I didn't accidentally bury
some other function in the patch. Nope. In the manual I see no mention of a
CC or PC number that would turn the metronome on or off.  So how did I
manage this with my feet? Did I confuse the Repeater somehow?

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

thanks very much. Confusedly, Zoe