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Re: recent laptop looping experiments...

Very exciting.  I can't wait to get Digital Performer 4 going with 
these plugins running to see what they can do.  I dream of a day where 
it's all done on a laptop... it would make live shows SO much less of a 

or would it?


Mark Sottilaro

On Friday, April 11, 2003, at 08:33 PM, todd reynolds wrote:

> hey folks,
> had such a good day I wanted to share it with y'all.  so here's just a 
> quick
> one to say I bought both the PSP 42 and 84 VST plugins from 
> audioware.com
> recently and I'm hooked.  both on my 500mhz pizmo and on a titanium 
> running
> at 500 these software plugins are kickin' my ass.  (using max/msp as a 
> vst
> host, haven't tried 'em with logic 6 yet.)