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recent laptop looping experiments...

hey folks,

had such a good day I wanted to share it with y'all.  so here's just a 
one to say I bought both the PSP 42 and 84 VST plugins from audioware.com
recently and I'm hooked.  both on my 500mhz pizmo and on a titanium running
at 500 these software plugins are kickin' my ass.  (using max/msp as a vst
host, haven't tried 'em with logic 6 yet.)

I'm doing my audio on an mhlabs "metric halo mobile I/O" firewire.  latency
is next to nothing, and the processing power and sound of these two plug 
is incredible.  I'm really happy.

the rig is a Pendulum audio acoustic pre-amp stereo into in an Orville, 
out and back to/from a Loop IV EDP, then with the metric halo sent to the
computer and back.  the interface for the metric halo is a fully routable
matrix mixer which allows me to send things all over the place.

add to that a peavey 1600x to control the plugins and a fcb1010 to control
the obie and orvi, and I forgot to eat today.  will post an mp3 or two as
soon as I have a chance...

for all you laptop folks, check out the plugins, demos are free, though a
bit of a pain as the audio drops out every once in a while.

also downloaded masterverb which will allow me to go out and do a simple
jazz gig with nothing but my audio device and a laptop.  and if I want a
simple delay, I can use pluggo or the lexicon simulator.

I was going to grab a 17 inch, but now it looks like I might wait for the 
inch in the new chassis... but with a gig or more of speed, I think we're
near, if not in, zero latency territory... or at least the simulation