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RE: Getting rid of the Vortex...


another thing's for certain which I think you discovered or rediscovered
just now: the instrument a Vortex works best with is an electronic drum
machine. Im still really bugged by the fact that my Vortex started acting 
in a way that when I write a patch to one of the locations, if I then 
that patch it only contains...chaos. What is actually nice about this
function is that you get effects you won't get out of your vortex otherwise
(like statistic sound generation from background noise), but on the other
hand, being able to save own creations was a cool feature nevertheless...

So if there's anyone out there owning two functional Vortexes who would 
to trade one for a John-Cage-Vortex, let me know.


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Pretty gripping stuff. I've been inspired to revisit the Vortex. I hooked 
up to my MC303 and, for the first time since i acquired the Vortex, am
starting to see what all the fuss is about. One thing is for certain: you
really have to get into the Vortex to hear what it's really capable of.

Thanks for your responses.


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