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Demo trade

hey i was wondering since there are so many people(musicians) on this list
and most of us have some sort of demo recording, we should set something up
where we can all trade our demos via snail mail or the internet (remember
the old 80s tape trade days...?). It can be stuff of our own or maybe have
collected via other trades. Just make a copy of this disc or tape and keep
circulation. Just make sure its not something you can get in stores or any
that would cause the original artist to loose money, just demos and
Do-it-Yourself recordings. Heres what I have to offer:

Broken Key- Advent...Turtables from Hell
info: my post techno project, loopy and distorted. Sorta like a twisted
sci-fi movie
mp3 samples: http://www.mp3.com/broken_keys

Kwaidan- A night at Blackwell's island
info: my  mental illness noise project, this was my first release for this
mp3 samples: http://www.mp3.com/kwaiden

Kwaidan/Abandoned Child- Bondage Children split cdr
info: a collaboration between me and Brian H. of the noise industrial band
recant. Very sexy, very dark.

Kwaidan- Summoning of Souls
info: the latest recordings that is nothing like the first two. Very much
influence by Japanese noise music like Merzbow, Mike Patton, the Boredoms.
etc. Probably the best demo since the track I had released on the Embedded
comp. from Detterent INdustries.

Harm - Obouro Singultus
info: dark loopy apolaclypse type stuff. a buddy of mine did this project 
his first attempt at industrial music. Its pretty strange stuff. A bit of
acoustic guitar is evening in there. A lot speeches from Churchill, Manson,
and Crowley too.

The Sound Tribe- Cadavre Sonata
Info: I did this experimental music score for a documentary on the death
penalty for my high school Amnesty chapter. really twisted work with tribal
percussion and lo-fi soundscapes.

here's also a few reviews on some of those recordings:

Broken Key
" An all-too brief (6 tracks in 18+ minutes) selection of self-termed
'experimental techno' from Hello Shadow Media kingpin Kris Day. And it's
some really excellent stuff, much in the same realm as early DOWNLOAD or
SPEEDY J, with perhaps a twist of Detroit techno thrown in. 'Advent' is
packed with corrosive noisescapes and heavy-duty rhythm/breakbeat patterns
that twist and turn with a feverish intensity, while shards of film 
filter in around the edges. These awesome and potent tracks definitely
warrant some attention from those of you needing more venom in your
electronic music. 'Nosebleeding Clowns' would even garner some attention in
the clubs. Solid, solid work here and I definitely am looking forwards to
hearing more from BROKEN KEY. Bravo! "

-Godsend Online

Obouro Singultus
" This project of the oh-so charmingly-named Assface Pissneck (of Iowa
metallists CANNIBAL HORSE and--don't laugh--SATAN'S ALMIGHTY PENIS) shows 
interest in the classic, old-school industrial sound. There's your typical
'found' TV voices, clanging, banging, air-raid sirens, loops, moans,
challenging frequencies, Charlie Manson recordings, and dirge rhythms
assimilated and collaged over one another. Packed with lo-fi audio 
'Obouro Singultus' seems to be a sort of recorded sketchbook, as some 
abruptly cut off. It's like a maniacal funhouse of creepy sounds and
abrasive-yet-playful experiments. "

-Godsend Online

The Sound Tribe
Cadaver Sonata
" Roughly 70 minutes of ambient, lo-fi post-industrial musings from a
versatile Iowa artist. This work was originally meant as a score for a
documentary on the death penalty, so you know it's not gonna be cheery
stuff. Indeed, this little audio hallucination is full of grindings, tribal
recordings, and improvised bits of 'found' audio flotsam. These are bedroom
noise-scapes that take me back to my days doing very similar stuff. And
although 'Cadaver Sonata' isn't unique or necessary listening, it is a
quiet, minimalistic, and oddly random bit of old-school analogue
playfulness. "

-Godsend Online

Hope you guys dig my idea. I have a bunch of other demos at my web site-
take it easy