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Re: Getting rid of the Vortex...

On Wednesday, April 9, 2003, at 05:39 PM, Eric Williamson wrote:

> Quoting mark <sine@zerocrossing.net>:
>> On Wednesday, April 9, 2003, at 02:10 PM, Eric Williamson wrote:
>>> when i had a vortex i used it in both places, via the Repeater's ill-
>>> implemented FX Insert function.
>> Ill implemented?  Seems like an amazing feature to me that always 
>> seems
> i say ill implemented because they didn't have the time to provide any 
> level
> control for the insert,

I agree, that would have been nice, but I seem to have no issues with 
using a line level effects processor with level in and out.  Hell, 
while we're at it, the Repeater should have been designed to work in 
and out at each point at either instrument or line level, but that's 
beating a dead horse.

>  but did take the time to _make_sure_ you could NEVER
> use Resample to recursively process through the FX insert. it looks 
> like you
> could use it for that, and that's the _easiest_ and least 
> process-intensive way  to implement resampling.

I really never use the resample feature anyway.  They'd probably have 
been better off just not having it at all.  I'll take your advise that 
it doesn't work as it should though.

> but when i think of all the r/d time wasted on writing  that buffering 
> code (and memory wasted to execute the operation), it really  burns me 
> they wasted all this time with LPA and a castrated re-sample.

Ah... but LPA is the HEART of why the Repeater rocks.  It allows me to 
start my loop late (as per the midi clock) and end it late or early and 
still have what sounds like a perfect loop.... however, I'd trade that 
feature for an EDP like quantize function.  Talk was made about doing 
this on vs. 2 of the software.  Ah ahahhahh ahhahhaha, ehem.

> if Resample let you continue to resample after the loop-point ended 
> (instead of
> buffering the last cycle), i wouldn't be selling my Repeater this 
> weekend: i'd
> be selling my Prodigy to buy another one.

Not that I just didn't sell my second Repeater, but I think you'll be 
sorry you did.  I think you might be using it hoping it's something 
other than what it is, rather than using it for the wonder that it is.  
When I first got an EDP I spent some time thinking, "Oh shit, I wish 
this worked like the Repeater" until I got used to it's unique 
personality.  Hell, when I got the Repeater I longed for the 
functionality of the JamMan.

> looks like i'll be selling some stuff to buy an mpx-1 ...

Sound like you have the same disorder that I do!

Mark Sottilaro