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Re: Getting rid of the Vortex...

Quoting mark <sine@zerocrossing.net>:
> quoting suit and tie guy
> > looks like i'll be selling some stuff to buy an mpx-1 ...
> Sound like you have the same disorder that I do!

yes. i'm a picky bastard with a studio full of stuff he has no clue how he 
afforded. you should see the arguments i have with myself over what to do 
my Leslie situation (only one organ but 3 Leslies, a 200 watt Hiwatt, and 
gigs ... yet i made a rule not to sell organ stuff for a reason).

i've also got no sleep for the past 3 weeks and have been posting more 
liberally than i would feel comfortable with online. it has something to 
with getting a job after 6 months of relative unemployment. i use the 
more when i _have_ a job. when i don't have a job i'm too busy getting 
done i don't bother with updating my website or my livejournal or anything 

as far as the repeater goes, i don't miss the jamman and i don't enjoy the 
whole record-as-you-go looping idea. i'm old-school. i want to just dial 
in my 
delay length and go. i never make a loop not knowing how long i need it: 
everything's synced to MIDI clock. i make heavy use of sequencing for 
parts and the loopers are only there to help me impersonate robert fripp. 
sometimes i make klaus schulze-ish mellotron parts in the Repeater, but 
not common right now. the pitch shift doesn't work well enough to follow a 
chord progression (nor should it be expected to) and you can't really use 
8mb of onboard memory anyway.

i do miss the EDP pair though. the quantise is the coolest thing about it. 
reverse loop makes no sense without quantisation. i never use reverse on 
repeater because it's not useful to me it it's incomplete stage. if the 
repeater is resurrected by some company that _finishes_ it or otherwise 
improves on the concept i'll reconsider.


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