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RE: Line6 Echo Pro---Pros and Cons

> From: Rich R. [mailto:idropetod@yahoo.com]
> Subject: Re: Line6 Echo Pro---Pros and Cons
> Another pro is that it has 1 minute of loop time at
> regular speed and 2 minutes at half speed, which, if
> you've heard it, sounds just as nice as full speed.  A
> Jam Man requires an upgrade to get *up to* just over
> half of that memory space.  The Echoplex and the
> Repeater reqire memory upgrades to get extended loop
> times as well.

This is (potentially) inaccurate with respect to the EDP.  IIRC the EDPs
have been shipped for a while with as much memory as they can hold, and the
full complement of memory allows for 198 seconds of looping at normal 
If you're getting an older used EDP you'd definitely want to find out how
much memory it has.

Dave Hastings
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