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Re: Line6 Echo Pro---Pros and Cons

The pros are that it operates like the DL-4 in its
most basic functions, so a lot of folks familiar with
that unit will be familiar with the Echo Pro's basic
looping operations.

Another pro is that it has 1 minute of loop time at
regular speed and 2 minutes at half speed, which, if
you've heard it, sounds just as nice as full speed.  A
Jam Man requires an upgrade to get *up to* just over
half of that memory space.  The Echoplex and the
Repeater reqire memory upgrades to get extended loop
times as well.

Further pros are, it sounds nice in general, the
delays are fantastic, it's highly configurable and
flexible, and it's currently in production and thus
supported by the manufacturer unlike most of the other
rack loopers available.

Yes, the looper is mono, but the delays are in stereo.
 Is the Echoplex stereo?  No.  The Jam Man?  No.  That
point, then, is moot.

In general, on the plus side it's a basic looper with
a lot of time to work with.  It has no other looping
functionality over the DL-4, except that you can
program your controller to operate *all* functions at
one time.

The cons are you can't edit a loop once it's made,
save for starting over.  It isn't nearly the looper an
Echoplex, Repeater, or Jam Man is.  Another con is
that its looping functions are the same as the DL-4
and, unless you waste a lot of buttons on your
controller, operates similarly to the DL-4 in terms of
looping controls (double clicking for functions). 
It's a basic, no-frills looper.

The DD-20 could be a nice unit when it comes out, but
we'll have to see.  As we've noted with the RC-20, its
compactness is also its Achilles' heel.  It's tough to
get everything out of that unit in a live setting its
capable of doing.  Certainly Boss is known for design
goofs like that, but reliability is hardly a question
with a Boss/Roland piece of gear.  If a small, simple,
and cheap looper is what you're after, then you can do
no wrong getting an Akai Headrush, which is available
now in abundance.


--- Cfilben@aol.com wrote:
> Hi All,
> Can someone please fill me in on the pros and cons
> of the Line6 Echo Pro? I 
> see it sells for abou $299 retail, roughly what I'd
> like to spend on a 
> looper, but I know relatively little about it as
> compared with other loopers 
> costing less than $500. I'd certainly appreciate any
> feedback and other 
> recommendations you might have.
> Thanks a million!!!
> Chris

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