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Re: Line6 Echo Pro---Pros and Cons

Its a great device for the money very simple looping
features 60 sec.record,overdub,reverse,1/2 speed
etc.it could be compared to the Boomerang but its
midi(delay sync only) has digital xlrs outs and great
vintage echo simulations.I think for the money is
worth having even if you just use it for the studio.
My 2 cents
--- Cfilben@aol.com wrote:
> Hi All,
> Can someone please fill me in on the pros and cons
> of the Line6 Echo Pro? I 
> see it sells for abou $299 retail, roughly what I'd
> like to spend on a 
> looper, but I know relatively little about it as
> compared with other loopers 
> costing less than $500. I'd certainly appreciate any
> feedback and other 
> recommendations you might have.
> Thanks a million!!!
> Chris


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